X2 Dynamic

Terminal API Aggregators

  • Increase capacity and save time for your organization by Over 70 Providers with 1 API key
  • Since we understand that time is an important factor for our clients’ business. Therefore, X2Dynamic have gathered all the top game providers in one place. Just connect to the X2 Terminal and business owners will be able to open more than 70 game providers immediately.
  • With a well managed backend system that allows access to all reports, which are detailed equivalent to the leading game providers.

White Label i-Gaming Platform


We are a white-label platform service provider who specializes in API integration that connects directly to game providers. Also has an automatic deposit and withdrawal system and a powerful database management system.

With the experience of a team that specializes in the business and direct cooperation with leading Asia & Europe game providers who are expertize in i-gaming products those are widely accepted from worldwide.

Our awesome products

Product X2 Dynamic


We offer “Live Casinos” from over 20 renowned brands in the market, allowing players to enjoy games on a superb streaming platform, with a stable signal and be transparent to players. Then, people are able to play from anywhere and anytime easily.


With a long-established relationship with more than 40 world-class slot game providers, that allows us to have more than 3,000 slot games for players to choose according to their preference. We also update new slot games for clients continuously and quickly.


Gambling with numbers is the basis of almost all kinds of gambling. Lotto is a game of chance with numbers, it is easy to understand and uncomplicated rules. That makes the Lotto game one of the most popular games.


We have over 15 sportsbooks and e-sports providers that are well recognized nationally and internationally. Our providers have content covering every sport and every league that is officially competitive in the world. Players able to enjoy both pre-match and in-match betting.

What's our target?

X2 Dynamic's optimum goal is to collaborate with clients to build businesses, solving problems and reducing barriers to starting a business. It also increases efficiency by focusing on saving both time and money by developing a system that is easy to use.

X2 Dynamic also has an expert IT support team and a well managed backend system to support and help clients generate the most profit.


Build a brand for clients

Is it better to have your own brand? We are ready and willing to help our clients build their own brand.

Product Recommendations

Our team has deep knowledge and expertise in various products. So we are able to understand the actual needs of clients.

White Label Service

Prospective clients who want to have a business under their own brand name. But are you facing problems or have questions because you don't know how to start a business? Those obstacles will be gone! We offer a complete website building service and backend system, then clients are able to freely choose products and add-on systems that match their business.

API Connection to Game Providers Directly

We have APIs that connect directly to more than 70 game providers. Your business will never run out of updates. This is a critical difference from the API connection used by other agents.

Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway system is safe, standardized, and accepted by the world's leading banks and financial institutions. It is easy to use, convenient, and able to check information clearly.

Automatically deposit & withdrawal

Players are able to make deposits and adjust their balances automatically within a glimpse. This reduces the workflow and prevents mistakes due to human error.

Customer Support

In the event of a disruption, we have staff to take care of and solve problems 24 hours a day. Since your business is too valuable to waste time waiting.


Design Sample

Able to choose a design that can be installed immediately. Moreover, clients are able to access the company's tools and learn from our team's training to understand the functionality of the system without any additional cost.


Our Game Providers and Partners

Our Game Providers and Partners

Our Game Providers and Partners

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